Our School

Paul Norton Elementary School staff work in partnership with family and community to provide all students with a foundation for life-long learning.

Phone: (563) 332-8936 | Fax: (563) 332-9619
Attendance: (563) 332-8936, ext. 1

Office Hours: 7:30 am - 4 pm
Breakfast: 8:05 am
Student Day: 8:35 am - 3:25 pm
Weekly Wednesday Early Release: 2 pm

Paul Norton Elementary is a three-section school serving approximately 465 kindergarten through 5th grade students.

Our elementary curriculum emphasizes literacy, communication, reasoning, and problem solving. Other subjects, including physical education, health, art, and music, are taught to all students K-5. Orchestra is available to students as early as grade 4 and, band as early as grade 5.

The school offers a program dedicated to teaching a defined core of knowledge and skills in reading, math and science.

teacher working with student

District Mission

Educational excellence is the foundation of the Bettendorf Community School District. Working in partnership with the family and community, we will instill and nurture in all students the knowledge, skills, creativity, and confidence to pursue their dreams and to succeed in a global society.

Paul Norton History

Due to a growing student population spread over a wider area, district officials decided to build a sixth elementary school at the north end of Bettendorf. The district personnel used the “schoolhouse fund,” now known as the physical plant and equipment levy (PPEL), to pay for construction of Paul Norton Elementary School in 1985. The school became a full three-section (meaning three classes per grade) in 1991.

Principal Jack Bregman opened Paul Norton Elementary School during the 1985-86 school year. His experience with the district began in 1958 when he was hired as the principal of Lincoln and Jackson Schools. Bregman and his staff, many who had taught at Jackson, helped plan amenities for the new “North” end school.

“We had quite a bit of input before the building was finished. I remembered thinking we wanted to have a telephone in every classroom and we got that done,” he said. Students help finalize the name selection of Paul Norton, a prominent local artist. Mrs. Norton graciously donated artworks for the school named in her husband’s honor.


Paul Norton Elementary's computer lab in 1985